22shoe (pronounced “too-too-shoo”) is the name of an exciting roller skate invention that massively improves on the steering motion and shock-absorption of previous skate designs, making 22shoes the ultimate mode of transport around town.

Mechanical engineer and keen skater Michael Trew has been prototyping, improving and filing patent applications for a “Shock Absorbing Steering System for Roller Skates” since arriving at C4CC last year, and recently signed a deal with German skate manufacturer Powerslide to use their boots and wheels for small-scale production in the summer of 2014 (rubber parts to be moulded at Queen Mary University and plastic parts to be 3d-printed with the C4CC Makerbot;-)

Project Contributors: Michael Trew
Website: 22shoe.blogspot.co.uk
Based at C4CC from: 06/2013