Luma Module is an interactive Spaceship designed and built to go to the 2013 Burning Man (Black Rock) Festival. The concept is participants “give and receive light”. They do this by having their “inner light status” measured by a machine and that readout is then translated into a physical object, in this instance a light-up ball. Participants are then invited to to place their ball of light into the Luma Module’s structure. As night falls the Luma Module will light-up with all the light balls that have been placed in it throughout the day. Therefore, if you give of your inner light you then contribute to lighting up the Burning Man Playa and sharing your light with your community. At the climax of the festival the spaceship is burnt.

Project Contributors: Mark Stokes, Debbie Davis, Mark Lomas, Adrian Godwin, Karen Lilleyman, Victoria ……..Beckett, Tim Panton, Jess, Varity, Dave, and the residents at C4CC and London Hack Space
Based at C4CC from: 10/2012