Pop Up Talent is a lottery funded project, hoping to ‘re-imagine’ the job centre and create a nationwide movement, supporting young people to develop their talents and careers. It has a digital focus; we are hoping to give young people the digital skills needed to fulfil a huge gap in the market, so that they can create jobs rather than just find them. The project has three stages. The first is to engage young people through the use of Pop Up events held in familiar places which will spark their interest. Those who are keen may progress into the Talent Generator, a 12 week skills development programme which will help them find their passion and gain digital skills. From the Generator, the young people will have access to the Talent Pool where they will be connected to employers and opportunities.

Project Contributors: Octavia (Tavi) Hirst, Lara Swansbury
Website: http://about.popuptalent.org/
Based at C4CC from: 04/2013